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AVA announces exclusive deal to deliver successful programmatic scaling system 2Y3X to agencies

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AVA announces exclusive deal to deliver successful programmatic scaling system 2Y3X to agencies

AUSTIN, Texas, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Agency Ventures Aggregator (AVA), the highly disruptive digital agency network founded by billion-dollar brands entrepreneur Tom Shipley, Uhuru Network’s Peter Lang and author and agency pioneer Felix Velarde, launches its first agency group in May, led by former Google, WPP and Unilever executive Jo Royce.

The 2Y3X program was founded in 2016 in the United Kingdom and has a six-year track record of successfully doubling or tripling agency revenue in the two years it runs. Its success has led to rapid expansion and 2Y3X now has a presence in the US, Canada, UK, Italy, the Middle East and Africa.

The people-first program is based on identifying future generations of agency talent. It provides a framework for low risk, high growth value creation, and until now has worked with both independent and group-owned agencies.

Tom Shipley, AVA’s Co-founder and CEO, commented, “AVA now has the exclusive rights to deliver the incredibly successful 2Y3X program at agency group level. This means that we can scale all our agencies at speed, outpacing the market and creating enormous investor value. At the same time, we can programmatically increase the value of the agencies we acquire, which will also deliver an exceptional exit to founders.”

Peter Lang, Co-founder Chief M&A Officer at AVA, added, “The 2Y3X program is designed to identify, nurture and accelerate the next generation of talent in the agencies we acquire, allowing us to build our groups from the ground up with superstars and A-players. 2Y3X’s people-first approach is perfectly aligned with AVA’s values. The big networks are designed around an out-of-date command-and-control model. The combination of AVA and, exclusively, 2Y3X gives us huge potential to disrupt a $475bn* market.”



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AVA completed its acquisition of Atlanta-based TopRight Partners. TopRight Partners has been recognized as Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for the fourth consecutive year. TopRight, formerly chaired by Dave Sutton and led by former long-time Apple executive Bill Fasig, serves government and business-to-business clients, as well as select non-profit organizations, all of whom operate in complex markets. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.
AVA recently welcomed Felix Velarde as the third partner and Chief Strategy Officer to help guide the future direction of the unique digital-agency anti-holding company. Defined by the overall quality of its talent, AVA is a new model aggregator of digital marketing agencies that is set to launch its first agency group in May. AVA's core strategy builds a series of agency groups that harvest value through programmatic scaling and a people-centered approach, focusing on giving founders a choice of career path, while using proven frameworks to enable and empower each subsequent agency.