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AVA completed its acquisition of Atlanta-based TopRight Partners. TopRight Partners has been recognized as Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for the fourth consecutive year. TopRight, formerly chaired by Dave Sutton and led by former long-time Apple executive Bill Fasig, serves government and business-to-business clients, as well as select non-profit organizations, all of whom operate in complex markets. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

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Peter Lang and Tom Shipley recently unveiled their joint M&A venture, AVA (AVAacquisitions.com) – a unique digital-agency holding company ready to compete with the current titans in an often-unchanging, traditional field. AVA's core strategy builds a series of agency groups that harvest value through programmatic scaling and a people-centered approach, focusing on giving founders a choice of career path, while using proven frameworks to enable and empower each subsequent agency and their talent. Founders of new agencies will then be able to choose whether to specialize, move up into AVA leadership, or pursue other opportunities as they arise.

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