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Redefining digital agency aggregation

We acquire digital agencies, aggregate into groups, develop agency succession, standardize processes and grow their revenues and profits.

The great opportunity at hand

AVA is positioned to become the leading “Scale at Speed” agency aggregation platform.

We are a diverse collective of business, strategy, innovation, and leadership specialists on a mission to transform the agency M&A landscape. 

We are dedicated to acquiring agencies that we believe in — agencies whose culture speaks to us just as much as their growth potential. We buy agencies who want to play on a bigger stage and have the talent to maximize their potential (and their ROI).

AVA’S approach to agency acquisition

Step 1: Source Agencies

Select the right agencies to acquire, identifying those with underlying growth potential.

Step 3: Scale

Develop succession teams to manage agencies while locking in owners through a short transition.

Step 2: Standardize

Implement proven, repeatable and standardized processes to drive consistent double-digit growth.

The AVA M&A solution

AVA executes its group M&A strategy by leveraging a proven proprietary system executed by a seasoned team.
Our M&A strategy simplifies aggregating and integrating with multiple limited-size groups versus full roll-up and utilizes the “Scale at Speed” methodology, giving it the capability to double agency revenue in 24 months.
Proprietary Deals
AVA’S 2Y3X Program
AVA’S Group M&A Strategy

In the news and around the world

AVA completed its acquisition of Atlanta-based TopRight Partners. TopRight Partners has been recognized as Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for the fourth consecutive year. TopRight, formerly chaired by Dave Sutton and led by former long-time Apple executive Bill Fasig, serves government and business-to-business clients, as well as select non-profit organizations, all of whom operate in complex markets. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.
AVA recently welcomed Felix Velarde as the third partner and Chief Strategy Officer to help guide the future direction of the unique digital-agency anti-holding company. Defined by the overall quality of its talent, AVA is a new model aggregator of digital marketing agencies that is set to launch its first agency group in May. AVA's core strategy builds a series of agency groups that harvest value through programmatic scaling and a people-centered approach, focusing on giving founders a choice of career path, while using proven frameworks to enable and empower each subsequent agency.
Agency Ventures Aggregator (AVA), the highly disruptive digital agency network founded by billion-dollar brands entrepreneur Tom Shipley, Uhuru Network's Peter Lang and author and agency pioneer Felix Velarde, launches its first agency group in May, led by former Google, WPP and Unilever executive Jo Royce.

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